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Treasure Digest: "Baali" No More

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Treasure Digest

"Baali" No More

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Some things do get lost in the translation. God shows through Hosea that He still loves Israel in spite of her infidelity (Hosea 2:14-16). The Hebrew words reveal an interesting play on words not conveyed in the English translation.

"At that time, Israelites are to call God Ishi ("My Husband") instead of Baali ("My Master" or "My Lord") in order to remove all remembrance of their former devotion to Baal. Actually, ancient Israel practiced syncretism, i.e., blended religion, often confusing the identities of Baal and the Eternal—in part because both were referred to as Lord" (Bible Reading Program for Hosea 1-3, Feb. 27 reading).

The Bible Reading Program (www.ucg.org/brp) covers many such interesting facts about the Bible. If you haven't read it recently, check it out today!