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A while back the Sabbath school classes of the St. Louis, Missouri, congregation wrote the following “commandments,” with the note that they don’t all apply to “infants, the elderly and the sick.”

Class members were Ethan Adkins, Katie Adkins, Jonathon Everman, Karla Everman, Heather Goodwin, Eli McCoy, Molly McCoy, Fiona Meeker, Tatiana Meeker, Bradley Schlosser and Kaylee Schmidt. The teacher was Shelby Faith.

1. Thou shall respect the speaker by not talking too much or too loud.

2. Thou shall pay attention and not sleep during services.

3. Thou shall not eat or drink during services (except emergencies).

4. Remember to bring your Bibles and notebooks to services.

5. Honor others by trying to include them in your activities.

6. Thou shall take part in the singing (and not just lip-synch).

7. Thou shall not “horseplay” before or after church.

8. Thou shall not leave unnecessarily during services.

9. Thou shall not disrespect the Church’s property or other people’s property.

10. Thou shall not be late for church.

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