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Treasure Digest: Living in Hummingbird Mode?

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Treasure Digest

Living in Hummingbird Mode?

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Have you ever considered yourself to be living in hummingbird mode? They flit; they fly; they zoom; they hover. But where and why?

I was getting a cup of coffee, and that takes a minute or two. I walked from my study room to the kitchen and back twice. Both times from our kitchen window I watched one hummingbird chase another from "his" feeder.

I thought, It's not yours. My wife hung it and refills it regularly. You just claimed it for yourself! But that is only part of the point.

Hummingbirds are among the most transitory of God's creation. Their life span may be hectic, but it isn't long, relatively speaking.

Hummingbirds spend most of their time seeking food. Perhaps a greedy little hummer really figures that his next meal is the most essential thing. But we shouldn't.

God says He feeds the birds and that we are more valuable even than the iridescent hummingbird. Physical food is necessary and (honestly) can also be quite enjoyable.

But we are not just physical if we have God's Holy Spirit. If we have that "earnest" of the Spirit, we are now living a life with a grand expectation of incredible fulfillment someday—guaranteed. Our spiritual side must also be nourished regularly through the milk and meat of God's Word.

I find it faintly amusing that I was getting a cup of coffee to go with my Bible study when that ruby-throated hummingbird caught my eye.

He was looking for a sip, and so was I. Thank you, Father!

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