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Treasure Digest: My Prayer Was Answered

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Treasure Digest

My Prayer Was Answered

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I fell sick and a doctor prescribed some medicine for me. However, I would have to buy the medicine in a town 120 miles from my home. And to pay for it, I would have to cash a pension check at a bank in that town.

I considered the journey to be impractical for several reasons. I was sick, and trying to get there and back on public transportation would not be easy. Since it was the end of the month, the bank would be overcrowded with customers, and I might miss the ride home.

However, there was no other way to get the medicine. I knelt down and prayed earnestly to God for a safe and speedy journey. Then at around 5 a.m. I started my journey and reached the town at 9 o'clock.

As I feared, the bank was jammed to full capacity, with customers extending 500 feet outside. I knew I couldn't make it. But before returning home, I had to try. I walked straight to the door, which was guarded by a sentry, and without a word from him, I passed through—possibly without his notice! I presented my passbook at the counter without objection from anyone. I received my check, and within 10 minutes another cashier, again without complaint, cashed it for me.

This was a miracle, and I knew for sure that it was God's intervention. I arrived back home safe and very appreciative.

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