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Treasure Digest: Thankful for Trials That Didn't Come

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Treasure Digest

Thankful for Trials That Didn't Come

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We know when a much desired blessing doesn't arrive, such as a raise in pay or a promotion. We know when a trial appears, such as having to replace first the water heater and then the air conditioner.

What we tend to forget are the trials that don't come because God intervened. Most of us who have driven for quite a number of years can recall a goodly number of close calls such as the wreck that occurred in the lane right next to my car but "just happened" to miss mine or the numerous times I drove on lonely stretches of road when the car could have broken down but didn't.

Even many undesirable problems like needing to replace the hot water heater could have been worse had the plumber not tipped us off before it burst and caused water damage, or given us a $350 discount.

With the air conditioner the trial was reduced by the company installing it that very day, a blessing in Houston on a typical 90/90 (temperature/humidity) summer day with a heat index of around 108 degrees.

When evaluating whether or not God has blessed me, I now try to factor in both the trial that didn't come and that which could have been worse. Then I can be truly thankful.