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Treasure Digest: The Proverbs 31 Woman of Today

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Treasure Digest

The Proverbs 31 Woman of Today

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The mother of King Lemuel, in Proverbs 31, Described a virtuous woman, who would complement her son.

The Proverbs Woman of Today, tho' challenged by a different time,
Tries her best to emulate virtues his mother had in mind.

She extends her hand to others; finds ways to reach the poor,
Gives of her time and substance, but aware she could do more;
She considers seeds and plants her garden with the choicest veggies,
That being done, you just might find her deftly trimming hedges.

For staples and for special foods she oftentimes will go
That extra mile, or many blocks to shop with "Trader Joe."

Her husband and her daughters, her sons and others too,
They rise and call her often, for favors she might do.

Her husband safely trusts her, she's proved that she will guard
The household budget, so she's now mistress of her MasterCard.

She's well acquainted with the malls, from Nordstroms to Rob-May,
And scans the ads religiously for special sales or clearance day.

The PVA and DAV, she supports from time to time;
And all those address labels will last until two-thousand-nine.

Her household does not fear the cold, whether home is condo, house or flat,
To keep that cozy atmosphere, she simply flips the thermostat.

Every day she's thankful for God's blessings and His WAY,
Her prayer is that He's pleased to see the Proverbs Woman of Today.