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Treasure Digest Turning the Hearts The 10cent Ice Cream Cone: Making Memories

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Treasure Digest Turning the Hearts The 10cent Ice Cream Cone

Making Memories

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While visiting at the hospital with my ailing 97-year-old father, I brought a smile to his face while reminiscing about the 10-cent ice cream cone he used to buy our family. When I was a child of 8, my dad, my mom, my older brother and I would all get into our 1940 Chevrolet and drive about 20 miles to the only Dairy Queen in the vicinity. At that time, the drive took about 40 minutes. We all enjoyed the soft ice cream as we returned to our home.

It is amazing to realize the positive memory that incident created in my heart as a child. My dad smiled and remembered that 10-cent cone as well. We also may create wonderful memories in the hearts of our children by simply doing acts of kindness for or sharing experiences with our children.

My daughters "tease" me about the time when I wanted to create a "memory" with them. We wanted to do something special at the Feast in Johnson City , Tennessee . So, we drove to the location of Davy Crockett's birthplace. The cabin was closed, and we spent all of a few minutes looking from the outside. We drove away and my wife and I took the girls shopping, which they enjoyed more than the excursion. However, 23 years later, both daughters still remember the event with fondness. We created a memory together that still brings smiles.

Outings, new experiences, new places, small acts of kindness, verbal expressions of love and appreciation—all will help our children remember their youth positively. This will help them feel well-grounded and established in life by giving a positive connection with the past.

Creating positive memories with our families will help our family members bond. Sharing special events with our loved ones is something we all appreciate and need for successful families.

The biblical principle of remembering is found in Psalm 77:11-12. "I will remember the works of the LORD; surely I will remember Your wonders of old. I will also meditate on all Your work, and talk of Your deeds."

When God has done good deeds for us, He creates memories with us too. His deeds on our behalf help us to positively remember Him and to strengthen our relationship with Him.

Remembering those special memories with our families will put a smile on our faces and in our hearts.