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Treasure Digest: What's Your Guess as a Guest?

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Treasure Digest

What's Your Guess as a Guest?

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The following easy quiz accompanies the article "The Welcome Guest" on the Vertical Thought Web site. For more about how to make sure your host will want to invite you to come again, see

1. As you are washing your hands in the bathroom of your hosts' home, you notice your hair has become windblown during the day's activities, so you:
A. go back to your room to get your brush and fix your hair.
B. figure, hey, it's summer so no one should care how you look.
C. find a brush in a drawer of your hosts' bathroom, and use it.

2. Your host has invited you to make yourself at home, and suggested several items for snacking. That afternoon you are hungry and decide to enjoy an apple from the offered bowl of fruit. You:
A. peel stickers off the apple and stick them on the fruit bowl.
B. prepare and eat the apple, cleaning up after yourself.
C. find a knife to core and pare the apple, leaving the knife and scraps on the counter.

3. Many guests in your group are sharing a rather small bathroom. Since others are waiting for you to finish, you:
A. leave behind hair in the shower, spilled toothpaste on the sink counter or toenail clippings on the floor.
B. leave your cosmetic case or shaving kit open and on top of the sink counter so you can be quicker next time.
C. hastily clean up after yourself and remove personal items so the bathroom is pleasant for the next person.
D. leave the soiled tissue on the floor where you missed the trash can.

4. Your host has made you feel so "at home," you feel comfortable:
A. playing your rock CDs on their equipment to welcome them home.
B. telling your hostess how to present a dish more attractively at dinner one evening.
C. leaving your personal CD player, magazines, cell phones, etc. on the kitchen table or counter.
D. none of the above.

Answers: 1 A, 2 B, 3 C, 4 D.