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Turning the Hearts...Graduation Time is Special

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Turning the Hearts...Graduation Time is Special

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Graduation signals the completion of a particular level of schooling. What an accomplishment! Graduates deserve to be congratulated and honored for their achievements in receiving their diplomas or degrees.

I remember how excited we were when our girls graduated from high school. We were so proud to be sitting in the audience with hundreds of parents as we watched our daughters walk to the stage and receive their diplomas. It was another step in maturing for them.

After the graduation came the parties at our home with invited family and friends coming by to wish the graduate success in the future. What special memories we have of those events! Remember, graduation is about the accomplishments of the graduate. Be sure to celebrate him or her. You can be pleased with his or her accomplishments, but keep the focus on the graduate.

Also remember that it is an emotional time for graduates. They are torn between spending time with their parents and wanting to be with fellow graduates whom they may not see again for a very long time. Next, plan to celebrate the event appropriately by planning the graduation party with the graduate in mind. Invite the friends and relatives that he or she would want there.

Finally, accept the level to which your graduate has now advanced. He or she has made a significant achievement and needs to be recognized appropriately by letting him or her make more decisions for himself or herself. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to recognize their children are growing up, but graduation is a time to prepare to launch them into life.

Congratulations to all our graduates of 2010! UN

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