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Turning the Hearts...Learning Love in the Family

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Turning the Hearts...Learning Love in the Family

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They lovingly hugged their parents good night; but to my wife's and my surprise, each stopped and hugged us good night as well. Beginning with the eldest on down to the youngest, all five of the children expressed their love to their parents and then to us. Love is another lesson to teach our children that begins with us parents. If children see parents caring for each other and showing appropriate affection to each other, they realize that they live in a loving household. Remember, love is not only a feeling but also an action. So when the children see Mom and Dad caring for and serving each other, those actions contribute to children's understanding of love. Showing attention and positive regard for our children will help them realize that love is outgoing concern. Taking time to play games with your children shows love toward them. Giving something special to them occasionally is another way that demonstrates our love. Perhaps you have no particular reason for giving that special something, except to show that you love them. Plan and do family outings so the family can have fun together. This is another way to show our children that they are loved. They can be complimented on their skills in activities like hiking, playing ball or berry picking. A girl's first "boyfriend" is usually her dad. As he treats her with love and respect, she comes to know what she should expect from other boyfriends when she grows up. Similarly, mom is the first "girl" a boy loves. Her love for her son helps him to know what to expect in later relationships. First John 4:19 John 4:19The woman said to him, Sir, I perceive that you are a prophet.
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records the apostle John's words for us: We love God because He first loved us. In turn, it is up to us as parents to reach out first to show our children the way to love, so that they may grow up to be loving individuals in an increasingly cold world. UN

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