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Turning the Hearts...Responsibility

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Turning the Hearts...Responsibility

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When you want something done in everyday life or at work, you give the task to someone who you know will fulfill it. In the home there are chores to be done. Each child needs to learn to do his or her share of the necessary tasks.

As you teach responsibility, it is good to explain how the job should be done. Show your children what you want them to achieve. If it is a difficult task, then be there to guide them through the first few times until they achieve know-how. Once that is accomplished, then regularly look at the chore they do and compliment them for a job well done. If there are areas of improvement, encourage them to do better next time.

When your child learns to be responsible in what is given to him or her, then you may add more as his or her time, talents or capabilities allow. I couldn't wait for my dad to show me how to mow the yard when we had our power mower. The thrill of working with a power mower was exciting, and he taught me how to use it correctly and how to be safe. I still remember his teaching to this day.

What a treat it is to have a responsible son or daughter babysit. He or she not only watches the children but also has all the toys picked up, the dishes done and the house in order when the parents return. That's being responsible!

What a treat it is to observe a preteen or teenager who, at the end of dinner, helps clear the table and offers to help with the dishes or with serving the dessert.

When your grown children get jobs, they will shine because you taught them how to be responsible. Employers give more important work to those who will responsibly fulfill those tasks. They also give promotions to those who faithfully do what is asked of them.

Remember Jesus Christ's teaching in Luke 16:10, "He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much."

Please take the opportunity to teach responsibility to your children so they may grow up to be successful in life. UN