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Once the steps become more solid, however, muscles and balance develop, confidence peaks and coordination is strengthened. Independence has been struck! There are many facets involved in our spiritual walk that are similar to that of an infant becoming a toddler. We all begin as the infant learning the primary facts of God's truth. After learning the basics, we try our legs at faithfully walking in small steps (2 Corinthians 5:7), and as we develop our coordination, more choices are given to us. Our Father in heaven is eager to see how stable we have become, and just like a loving physical dad, He wants to see us succeed and make wise choices along the path to His Kingdom (Isaiah 2:3). Through the darkest of trials, He is the One pacing the floor with us while we are beseeching Him for strength and stability in our steps, which at times can feel more like a pitiful crawl (Psalm 56:13). Even on days when we may feel we have lost our equilibrium and can't walk and we must crawl, we are still making progress by going forward to His glorious Kingdom (Colossians 1:9-13). With love, mercy and gentleness, He offers us the light that is needed to see the path that we are walking. He offers us the strength and encouragement needed to stand again after a tumble. With an open mind we can easily see that He gives us all that is needed for us to be a success. He also gives us ample warning of an enemy that may lurk in the darkness to devour us along the way (1 Peter 5:8-9). Even our own choices may at times become an enemy from within. This foe can be bigger than any other around us as we are spiritually maturing and growing into the individuals whom He has called. As we mature to our fullest potential along our path, we can, with humble praise, thank Him for His direction, our new lives and changes in our everyday lives. We walk in newness of life as God's sons and daughters to live according to His will while accomplishing the work that lies ahead. Whether we find ourselves crawling along a stony path, gingerly walking on uncertain terrain, hobbling on crutches after dark or skipping along a sunny sandy beach, we can be assured that He knows our every move. He is with us each step of the way! May we each give thanks for this path and journey as we anxiously await Jesus Christ's return. UN