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  • Enr1que22

    How abt thinking with a bit more logic, like the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and the other cities mentioned aren't around the dead sea. But underneath the dead sea. Let try to make a bit more sense. So God "destroyed" sodom and the near cities and reduced them into ash correct? Yall map say the valley of siddim north of the dead sea. Scientists have verified that at the bottom of the dead sea was found tar or ash of some sort. People today visiting the dead sea rub their faces and body with some black looking mud. Using logical sense, and thinking a little bit that maybe the destruction of the cities is what formed what we know today as the dead sea? Makes better sense. Sulfur and is found around all around the dead sea, adding scientific proof to the heavenly fire that destroyed sodom was indeed a direct hit, forming the valley into a deeper valley when impacted by the heavenly fire. Not also to mention Scientists have comfirm that the dead sea is also the lowest point on the surface (land) excluding the oceans floor. So how did the dead sea gets its water? Well the Jordan River clearly runs into it causing the water to flow down stream and filling it up with time including rain.