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    Greetings Mr. Lichtenstein! Thank you for the inquiry and thank you for listening to my message. Indeed, you are correct in that Shalach means to “let go” and/or to “send away”. When applied to humans, it may even have the positive connotation of bidding them farewell. (And in some instances, may also go the opposite direction —i.e. to cast off, dismiss, or divorce). When applied to animals however, especially throughout ancient Arabia, Shalach was primarily used to convey driving livestock from one pasture to another —the primitive root meaning to push away. In a modern sense, one might think of a cattle drive. Therefore, my only intent was to distinguish between walking a dog, for example —from “driving” an individual goat away from its herd. Such may have proven difficult during the mating season. And although this latter point would be impossible to prove —it remains an interesting nuance to consider. Again, thank you for your inquiry. Cheers! Aaron Alles