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Aaron Booth

Internet Managing Editor





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Aaron Booth is the Internet Manager for the United Church of God.  Aaron has worked in the Web industry for the past 18+ years and has enjoyed seeing the Internet grow into a powerful and exciting tool of connecting people around the world. 

Aaron graduated from Ambassador University with an Associates Degree in Business Administration then continued his education at his hometown university - Purdue University. It was there while pursuing his degree in Recreation Management that he started working with the web and multi-media development tools. After graduation he continued working at Purdue and then moved to Indianapolis and worked with various web/multi-media companies.  After the downturn of the Web industry in the early 2000’s, Aaron relocated to the Cincinnati area and began working for the United Church of God in his current position. 

Aaron is passionate about the Web and finding resourceful ways to use the Internet in preaching the gospel to a worldwide audience.

“I hope you find this website helpful in your daily life and it becomes a resource in building relationships with other people and with God.”

When he is unplugged, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and fixing up their home in the country. For more about Aaron visit his “About Me” webpage at