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  • alforbes
    Hi, you've probably been asked this one a thousand times, so please forgive me. Like the UCG, I do not believe that man has an eternal spirit/soul, but is simply a living being/soul (Nephesh). However, from time-to-time I am confronted with other believers who refer to 2 Cor 5:8 and say "Well then, what Does 'Absent from the Body Present with the Lord' Mean"? How would you answer them? Every blessing, Alan
  • alforbes

    Blaspheming the Holy Spirit has always been a concern to me, since from an early age I have questioned the doctrine of the trinity. I find it difficult though, when I read passages like John 16: 7-8; 12-14 where Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit as if it were a person. How should we answer trinitarians when they use these verses to defend their doctrinal stance?