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  • asco

    I have been blessed by both of your recent BLog posts. Thank you.

  • asco

    Great read. So glad to see someone addressing this issue. Many to whom I speak are very dismissive of my having wished to discuss it. But since it is "coming" in one form or another; with many failed, harmful, practices along the way. I for one do not expect to comply. To my mind this is complying with those who wish to play God and not simply another government "law" to be submitted to as the God given authority referred to in the Bible.

  • asco

    I think that this article is much needed. It IS prudent to stock up now when we see prices soaring. For ourselves, AND to be in a position to help others. Yes, only God can truly predict the outcome. But it seems foolish to ignore the signs of the times.

  • asco
    We are on the way to genetic experiments with humans with the COVID rDNA vaccines that are meant to "mess with" (technical term) our DNA.
  • asco

    Much is being written lately (in the medical world) about the beneficial effects fasting has on cancer treatment and how it boosts chemo's effectiveness and strengthens the individual. So, one must conclude that fasting, as a part of reaching out to God, could seldom be wrong on even the "so called" physical level.