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Allen Stout was born in 1935, grew up in Washington and graduated from Washington State University in 1959 with a doctorate of veterinary medicine. He practiced as a veterinarian before being called into military service, where he served as an officer in the U.S. Army veterinary corps in top secret special operations in biological warfare research. While there he also had to prepare and give lectures about communism, which caused him to look to the Bible.

After the military, he taught veterinary pharmacology and therapeutic medicine at Iowa State University while doing graduate work and research. In 1962, he was called into the church through a radio broadcast and began receiving literature from Ambassador College. In 1963, he joined the newly formed Peace Corps with training at UCLA and visited Ambassador College in Pasadena, CA, where he was baptized. He then moved to Oregon to work as an assistant state veterinarian, then a year later attended Ambassador College where he received a degree in theology and taught health and nutrition, as well as various science classes. He is married to Marlys Jantz who he met there. 

Allen was transferred to the Big Sandy, Texas campus In 1967  and served as the college veterinarian, a professor in agriculture, and later chairman of the Agribusiness Department. The Stout’s had three children in Big Sandy. His hobbies were flying with the opportunity to use the college airplanes, photography, and gardening.In 1977, Allen established a consulting business, which became AgroTech Research Group, Inc. serving Farmers and agribusiness. He moved back to Washington state in 1983 where he established a non-profit Publishing company and a web site for promoting right knowledge and understanding as vital keys for success. He also has taught youth Bible classes at church.