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    Hashem is the mediator between Elohim and all His children whoever roamed, roam and will roam this world. No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without His help. Any other religion or conviction of beliefs are lies from Hashem's brother, Lucifer or the Morning light otherwise known as Satan. The Islam is such a belief, and will help Satan to destroy Elohim's offspring. In the latter-day Satan and his angels will try to destroy all human kind. But at the height of Satan's reign from the throne in the Temple in Jerusalem, Hashem's angels will come and rescue all survivors who are true to Elohim. Satan will be bound for 1000 years. Read the Holy Scriptures about it.

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    I like to inform you that there is a church called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who claim to be to only church who have the priesthood to act in HIs behalf. I am one of them, now non-practicing any more, due to personal reasons. Their nickname or scold name are Mormons after Moroni mentioned in the Book of Mormon. They claim to be Saints....
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    like little children He taught us about the Heavenly Rules in the Kingdom of His Heavenly understand these you must grasp the Spiritual meaning of them...slowly we begin to understand what He ment. ..