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  • Andy Diemer
    Hi Mary, the Bible is silent on the reasons for the omissions of Ephraim and Dan from the list in Revelation 7. We can infer that the reason for Dan's omission is due to the tribe's idolatrous practices which began early after Joshua's conquest. It is possible that the writer omitted Ephraim's name and represented him on the list by the name of his father, Joseph. Regarding the passage in Judges 11 about Jephthah's daughter, God would not have condoned or accepted a human sacrifice. The Scripture shows that her sacrifice was her virginity. She gave this up for service to God. As it says, for "two months...she went with her friends, and bewailed her virginity on the mountains. (Judges 11:38). When she returned to her father, Jephthah, he carried out his vow. But, he did not burn his daughter as a sacrifice. That would have been in violation of God's law. As the Scripture reads, "And it was so at the end of two months that she returned to her father, and he carried out his vow with her which he had vowed. She knew no man. " (Judges 11:39). She remained a virgin. This was her sacrifice and also Jephthah's because he had no other offspring to carry on his name.
  • Andy Diemer
    Murielle, thank you for your encouraging comments! I enjoyed doing the podcast with Mr. Kubik. Indeed, in these trying circumstances, it is so good to have a true understanding of God's word with the cherished hope of our salvation.
  • Andy Diemer

    Hi John, nice to hear from you and thanks for your comments. The word “chance” in the phrase "a chance to turn to God" does not mean by luck or happenstance in this case. For example, the phrase "an opportunity to turn to God" has the same intended meaning as “a chance to turn to God.” I hope that clears things up for you.

  • Andy Diemer

    Thanks, Kevin. One thing I notice when showing these everyday kindnesses is what it does to me. Not only does someone appreciate the courtesy, but my day goes better too!

  • Andy Diemer

    I appreciated this, Jennifer. This is some good advice for parents!

  • Andy Diemer

    Thanks, for the kind words, Janet. Your comments remind me of the words Paul wrote to the Corinthians. "The Father of mercies and God of all comfort...comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble," (2 Corinthians 1:3-4). He continues to say that we are able to give, "the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God."

  • Andy Diemer

    Hi Richard, and thank you for your comment. It does always seem that life is full of sorrow. Christ Himself was, "a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief," (Isaiah 53:3). He learned in His flesh what it was like to be submissive to God even to death, (Hebrews 5:8). Likewise, we should walk in His steps, and take up our cross daily and follow Him, (Luke 9:23). In this way, we are truly being transformed into Christ's image.