Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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    Amen. And the sickening part is being amongst all the darkness and spiritual neglect and ignorance all about us that don’t even see any of this as Anything than freedom ... and it is not ... it is gross and hurtful I know to me as I also cry for our Father and how this causes Him so much pain that I can’t even fathom. Lord Jesus come quickly
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    Mr Booth - an excellent message and reminder of developing my spiritual response VS that icky carnal reAction. I enjoy your messages and bringing them to life! Thank you
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    Amen —-
    It’s a tough road on either side we are traveling. Your “Nurture with Patience” describe perfectly how the sufferer so often doesn’t even know what they are feeling or what they need in many given moments and that the floodgates are always on call...

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    Mr McKee thank you for this message and it’s suggestions for more focus in my life. it’s so easy to continue to go with the flow when finding the safe and kind haven is needed in a moment. mom always said do unto others ...
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    excellent message Mr Thompson! thank you
  • annie.ross
    What a beautiful loving and powerful message of truth faith hope trust perseverance - and promise. Thank you Mr Hooser. Good right up to the last drop!
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    thank you Lewis. I know for me - if it affects my conscious then I have to do what is necessary. I have baking soda in my laundry supplies for my hard water and don't use it for baking (i'm not a baker either!) so it has no significance here or doesn't need to be thrown out. When I am truly in the spirituality of these days and this Feast, each day I take a small broken piece of matzo and place it on my tongue and breathe in all that it represents to me in that very moment. sometimes it brings me to tears, and it always fills me with God's Spirit. "There is a way that seems right to a man and that way does end in death."

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    thank you

  • annie.ross
    Amen Mr Brooks! I take it to My Caring Loving Healing Father over and over and over as He continues to reveal more to me and give me His guidance and strength to overcome one painful obstacle at a time, learn how to let it go, and finally walk through it, because there’s no way out but through. ... There are days… and days and days and days and even weeks and weeks and months and months that my seatbelt wears out and boy oh boy, the journey’s rough. But, every day I can feel my growth - in God‘s perfect timing. And the freedom from lugging the heavy worn bags begin to open space up inside of me so that I can become useful and be in service to others. I’ve listen to this message several times and shared it with others. It’s very powerful and very loving. Thank you Mr. Brooks.
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    Love it Robert!
    You dun good

  • annie.ross

    Mr Walker -
    Thank you so much for this article and connection of the 12 Steps and God's Word and truth. I come to this article over and over and over, and also have been so blessed to share with many 12 steppers over the years!
    The 12 Step way of life is so much more than physical sobriety or abstinence. It is such a powerful tool for daily self-examination, seeking God's courage and mercy, asking for God's cleansing and His wisdom, and for being in service to others.
    As they say in recovery - Trust God. Clean House. Help Others.
    May we all immerse ourselves wholeheartedly in our own housecleaning - daily.

  • annie.ross

    You have so touched my heart in its deepest place. I thank you for your courage and service in sharing. May I be strengthened by your example of faith and perseverance in whatever trial is set before me.
    Deuteronomy 31:6 The Message (MSG)
    “Be strong. Take courage. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t give them a second thought because God, your God, is striding ahead of you. He’s right there with you. He won’t let you down; he won’t leave you.”

  • annie.ross

    so true.
    brings such judgement, sometimes so blindly.
    what's more important? the stuff? or the stuff I'm made of :)
    love your articles - such great reminders.

  • annie.ross

    yes. love does overcome bitterness. and it’s a daily job.
    thank you for your article and sharing your wisdom.