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  • Ariana Del Signore

    Looks like attendees of Lake Junaluska are required to stay in the Church approved lodging this year.

  • Ariana Del Signore

    Gatlinburg will not be listed as a site this year, since Lake Junaluska is serving as that region's Feast site for 2021. It's looking like Oceanside will likely be a satellite site again this year.

  • Ariana Del Signore

    Housing info will be posted under the "Housing Info" tab on each Feast site as the housing is finalized, but a PDF of the entire Festival Planning Brochure will be posted April 1. Hope that helps!

  • Ariana Del Signore

    Yes! People should start receiving them in the mail on April 1.

  • Ariana Del Signore

    Hi Michael, the latest update regarding this that I can find is here: It says individual site coordinators will update their site's webpage to let attendees know what the protocols and requirements are. I'd check the "posts" tab and keep an eye out for updates there. Hope that helps a little!