Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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  • bambrose
    Hi Steve I don't observe Christmas but as a family man with a loving family around me who do continue to celebrate Christmas, with all of it's consumerism and, nativity plays and Christmas songs, all of the baubles and flashing lights without much if any mention of our Lord Jesus Christ. How do I observe my own true beliefs that Christmas is from pagan origins without alienating my family?
  • bambrose
    Thank you Darris for putting this informative programme together, I have enjoyed it and now have more knowledge and insight into this subject, and like most caring and loving family members we always want to do what is right by our loved ones when faced with death. I recently lost a nephew that I cared about, he was 41 years of age married with three beautiful children, he committed suicide and I think as a close family we should have had more open discussions regarding my nephews situation. I make no criticism of my extended family in this unfortunate tradegy but there were signs that my nephew was not in a good place, though I have not raised my concerns with my family for fear of upsetting them I just cannot get past the fact that had we been more aware of his situation we could have had collective discussions as a family with and without my nephew to not just accept the finality of the situation but to seek a collective plan of action and to seek outside help. Can you put a programme together to have knowledgable people in the sphere of suicide give an independent assessment as to how we can see the signs, how as family we should react?
  • bambrose
    After listening to your broadcast and reading your booklet "Seven Prophetic Signs Before Jesus Returns. I started to take a closer look at the seven prophetic signs. Would I be correct in my understanding that 6 of the prophetic signs have been fulfilled and the 5th prophetic sign "The United States and Great Britain will fall with the state of Israel" is the last sign to be fulfilled. That these countries will fall would suggest by human logic that they would fall due to wars being raged against them or their own involvement in wars, but could fall mean by their sinful and falling moral and ethical values and by rejecting God and Jesus and not following their laws and commandments, if by fall it means rejecting God and Jesus and their laws and living corrupt, immoral and unethical lives, has this 5th prophetic sign been met or is well on the way to being met?
  • bambrose
    Salvation talks about death in the grave, and the future resurrection, I understand this, an intact body dead, and I understand it Is rotting in the grave, I know that God is the be all and end all in my life but can you explain what occurs when a body is cremated, nothing left but ashes, I know that we are from dust and ashes become dust, but will we still be ressurected?
  • bambrose
    Great presentation, I am a a Christian born in the U.K. and listening to this overview presented by Darris it makes me feel a closeness to Israel and the Jewish people. When you look at the map of Israel in the geographical position to Egypt and you look at the fact that in reality it should only say have taken a few months to walk to the promised land, why would their journey have taken them 40 years?
  • bambrose
    I work hard and struggle each day trying to provide for my family, that in itself is difficult enough and then each day I am bombarded with being told through media, social engineering groups indeed government that I should be more liberal and accepting of a changing world, same sex marriage, abortion, promiscuity etc and these days I am constantly reminded that my Christian beliefs no longer fit into the social norms, I don't go to church because I never come away being enlightened and fulfilled with the truth that Jesus teaches. I read my Bible each day and I watch and listen to you, Darris and Gary, The Bible is my life and I trust in your teachings and I just want to thank you all at CUG for constantly helping me to stay focused and to understand my place in this life. I pray that father God and Jesus keep you all safe and well to continue your valuable work. God Bless
  • bambrose

    Hi Darris
    Thank you for this thought provoking article, I am a Christian and spend many hours reading the Bible and listening to and reading the many educational programs and articles that the UCG produce and they are a help and a considerable comfort to me.
    I have family and work a full time job and I have a constant struggle with my faith, in otherwords, I truly beleive in God and Jesus, I pray regularly and have one way conversations with them, yet I get fearful in my day to day life, I tell myself that this is an indication that I don't have complete faith, if I did have complete faith then I would not struggle so much with the day to day fears that confront me.
    I know for a fact that God and Jesus are helping me as an example I woke up one night with the thought of Joshua in my mind, I read Joshua and God is asking him to be determined, confident and committed so I try to apply that in my life, I have also asked them for peace of mind to allay the daily fears that arise in me and over the past two years I know for certain that I have more peace of mind because I don't stress as much as I used to, but I still have these daily nagging fears, can I move on?