Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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    This is a very perceptive article about where this country stands in time. With all the moral decay we see in our society, it is hard to imagine that God will continue to bless this nation as He has in the past.

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    This is a very interesting article that helps show that bees didn't just evolve, they had to be created. It gives us a glimpse of the incredible intelligence and brilliance of a loving God.

  • BarryHowdeshell

    This was a very good, if concise, explanation of God's love. It is something we, who have God's Spirit in us, should all exhibit in our daily lives as we interact with people whose beliefs, words, and actions conflict with ours.

  • BarryHowdeshell

    I really enjoyed reading this article about the history of the Jewish state in Israel. They have survived and flourished despite nearly constant and severe opposition from the surrounding Arab neighbors and many of the world's nations. They needed God's help to do this.