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  • bhuitema
    I agree, Rob. The Bible prophesied that Christ would be brought as a lamb to the slaughter (Isa 53:7). That seems like motivation enough to keep his disciples from fighting. It's certainly not a blanket statement commanding every Christian to disarm. Then Christ "took Peter's sword." But he gave him the sword to begin with! For self-defense! And that seems to be the main problem here, conflating murder and self-defense. The Bible clearly shows that a Christian has a right and duty to protect himself and his family. No, you don't avenge, you don't kill in anger, you don't kill with premeditation (as in war), but you don't have to stand still and watch while someone is trying to kill you and your loved ones.
  • bhuitema
    I'd love to hear Mr. Zimmerman's sermon. Unfortunately, I'm only seeing a 25 second intro loop of some sort. Will his sermon be posted?