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  • Helen - Gramy

    Scott: We live in a world that is subjugated by Satan the Devil. God has told us in no uncertain terms that all these things would come to pass. I have been trying to impress on the congregation I serve in that this is Satan's Juridiction for the time being. He is the master of this Earth at this time. His method of leadership should be evident to all. He controls Religions, Governments, and People worldwide. His playground is the World.. If everything he controls is corrupt, then why would we want to be involved in any facet of it? Jesus has overcome this world, when will we, as children of the Living Creator? Come out of her my people is the admonition of Jesus the Christ! It is evident by your article that you have strong Republican Leanings. Allegience to something that is crumblin around us. None of us should be trying to persuade God's children to consider any poliotical persuation. We are in this world because of necessity. For the purposes of the preparation of the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God, Our allegience, is to God., not some government of this world. We are to be Theocrats, not Republicans, or Democrats. Don;t push your political views.

  • Helen - Gramy

    Has anyone thought about one of the many U.S. River Cruises? No need for Passports. Mississippi, Columbia Rivers as a thought.

  • Helen - Gramy

    Hello All: The United States has a governmental system that is "Of the People, by the People, and for the people." Unfortunately the people have corrupted themselves. They from the very beginning have accepted Satan's guidance and direction. God tells us in Daniel 4:17 that He decides who our leaders will be, and that He will set up over this country the lowest form of individuals that this corrupt society brings forth. True repentance and change by all, and the return of our Savior Jesus the Christ, is the only thing that can correct the world's societies. Society is near it's end folks, time to wake up and pray "Thy Kingdom Come!"

  • Helen - Gramy

    I don't know why so many can't understand that the governments of the world, including that of the United States, are under the control of the God of this world. I see so many in the body of faith wanting to dabble in the governmental process of this country. So many are on the side of this candidate, or that candidate, even some professing from the pulpit that the current leader of this country, we are obligated by God to live in, is the greatest thing to come on the scene. When are we going to adhere to the words of Christ, recorded in Rev. 18:4, "Come out of her "My People," (emphasis added) "Lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues." Christ said that we are not to be of the world, even as He is not of the world, but way too many, in the family of faith, want to dabble in this worlds governments, and Satan's System of doing things. The admonition given is that we come out of this system. If we are called and baptized, then we are now citizens of the Kingdom of God. We can't have citizenship in two places at the same time, we cannot serve God, and mammon. It will not work. It's time for the entire Church of God to wake up!

    Bernie Braman

  • Helen - Gramy
    Coming home from Services that Sabbath, turning on a cable news network to see all the animosity, and carnage being displayed in Charlottesville, I was appalled at what was transpiring. The scripture that all of learned from the old AC correspondence course leapt out. Jere 17:9, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it?" We live in a world that is subjugated by Satan, that is most evident. I thought about what these White Supremacist were advocating, and I thought to myself, I wonder what their genetic make-up might be? Having taken a DNA test recently, I was astounded by my genetic make-up. 85% British, 9% Irish, 5% Eastern European, and 1% African. Seems I have an ancestor who came from the Country of Senegal. Having watched a lot of Ancestry programs, I am amazed at how many "White" folks have an African ancestor in their past. Especially in those southern states who were slavers. Seems those Slave Masters passed on a lot more to the country than just Sugar Cane, and Cotton! How many more of them might find themselves having Jewish blood, as Lorraine so aptly put it. We live in trying times and it will only get worse. !
  • Helen - Gramy

    Well Said Kevin, Thank You!

    Bernie & Helen Braman, former Michiganians.

  • Helen - Gramy

    I have just completed your survey, hopefully my husband is able to do the same; seeing as our computer is in both of our names, we both do attend UCG, since March 10, 1968. Thanks to all involved --having this survey!