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    Excellent points! Much the same as what I've read from the Love and Logic Institute and their approach to parenting.

  • bruceallenhansen@gmail.com

    Excellent article! Informative and well-written!

  • bruceallenhansen@gmail.com

    Thank you, Lewis, for a very timely and important message!
    I retired from teaching eight years ago, but continue to work quite regularly as a substitute teacher, and have witnessed alarming changes in the schools.
    "Rainbow flags" are now hung in the classrooms of some of the teachers.
    Students in our school district are now allowed to decide for themselves which restroom they wish to use based on their "gender identity", and not their actual biological sex.
    Two weeks ago, I was in the men's staff restroom and I noticed a newly installed vending machine that dispensed free feminine hygiene products.
    I could list other examples, but you're right, it's vital that we have prepare our young people to face an increasingly ungodly and deceived culture.

  • bruceallenhansen@gmail.com
    Great message, Mr. Mills! Good to hear from you again.