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    Dear Steve, Thank you for your timely sermon on Government and the virus. As you correctly explained governments today have the technology to monitor people and control information. Yet we are still living in a free society with very few restrictions on freedom of speech, unlike totalitarian governments such as China and Russia. What is of greater concern it the amount of misinformation being spread through online media and the readiness of many to believe propaganda and lies being promoted by opposing political factions. The misinformation on vaccinations and COVID are good examples of this. Most governments are doing their best to contain the spread of the virus, with mixed results. Opposing governments efforts and the willingness to believe various conspiracy theories is an example of this. Rather, Christians should support their governments if their decisions do not conflict with God’s Law. The challenge will be to Christians when our current economic system collapses and is replaced by the soon coming new globalized super state – the coming Beast Power. Bruce Porteous