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  • Lynn@Jax
    Thank you Mr. McNeely! I appreciate this message connecting the relevance of today’s events to the prophecies of Revelation!
  • Lynn@Jax
    Really enjoyed this timely and encouraging message Mr. Petty, and I am taking it to heart! Thank you!
  • Lynn@Jax
    Thank you for the informative and inspiring BT Daily messages! One question- what exactly does Christ mean by “watch”? Is it simply to be alert, remaining close to GOD or do we need to be searching the so-called “news” looking for signs of His coming? It is often very frustrating to sift through our modern news articles trying to determine fact from fiction (or partial truths), to understand what is really happening in our world! It would be so much easier to only worry about what happens within the fences of my own property, but my understanding of this scripture is that we SHOULD be paying attention to what is happening in the world and remaining close to GOD, praying for those who are suffering and our leaders. The other problem besides trying to decipher what is truth in the news, is dealing with all of the negative emotions after we read or watch the news. I find I need to take a walk and get out in nature just to “wash” away all of the negativity (Philippians 4:8). I would appreciate your thoughts on this! Thank you! Take care and please keep up your good work!
  • Lynn@Jax
    Thank you for the information on the Bible study, Mr. Petty! I was wondering the same thing. I also found this very helpful, as I do all your sermons! Keep them coming and take care!