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    The link is found within the article. It is:


    A lot of people cannot attend a Feast site each year for a number of reasons.  Due to COVID the last two years this number increased significantly, but hopefully that will not last.  But there are many other reasons such as health, personal situations etc. preventing personal attendance.  The Church has a number of programs seeking to help members rejoice during the Feast of Tabernacles.

    At least two Feast locations every year are designated to webcast live services.  We have welcome messages prior to the service to make it a bit more personal.  We also try to collect the postal addresses of every person not able to attend the Feast.  Members at the Feast site sign nice personally hand-made cards and they are sent out in time to be received during the Feast.  And many local congregations attempt to make sure their "own" are taken care of.  Be sure to notify your pastor in advance that you won't be able to attend.  We try not to forget anyone.

    Charles Melear, Conference Planner United Church of God


    There will be several local satellite sites around the country.  They are organized on a local level if a pastor sees a need develop.  The home office isn't involved in a local congregational satellite site as they mostly connect to a national webcast for daily services.  Please check with the closest pastor of where you live or your pastor to see if he plans to organize one.

    Charles Melear, Conference Planner for the United Church of God


    Hello Gloria:
    I checked on some possibilities and at this late date expected to find some good pricing, but I didn't. Any available meeting space is associated with a hotel.


    U.S. River Cruises have been discussed a number of times as a consideration for an additional site. All the factors and concerns have not worked out to make one viable, but it has been considered and will be again in the future.


    Hello Bob: Wisconsin Dells has been a challenge for the last few years in terms of finding the right place to meet. Available dates, affordability, appropriate meeting space all factor into it. Wisconsin Dells is our first choice, but for the next two years we are going to meet at a nice facility The Ingleside Hotel. We continue to research the Dells, but this is our best option temporarily.