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  • Chelsey Meierhofer
    This is needed! Thank you! Our focus should be on the UNLEAVENED bread! Wonderful! And just like your glass and getting rid of the air example... in nutrition/health coaching, we always add in (nutrients, vegetables, good habits)... BEFORE taking away, (or focusing on all the things that are ruining your health and causing disease in the body) and the bad habits naturally fall off.
  • Chelsey Meierhofer
    And as you know the white coats of this world are worshiped as it’s own religion. “Believe without question, or else” they say to these with their crowns of glory and sainthood. We must be careful to not to fall prey to the belief that science knows everything and is always right, and to blindly follow it. There is bad and corrupt science, we must keep seeking to prove the full truth and intentions behind it. So as a church I agree, we really shouldn’t be talking about a stance on masks and the draconian measures these “health care experts” are enforcing. Whether you believe those particular scientific studies and their efficacy or not. There is a bigger global picture here to be looking at. However, we may need to as a church address one topic that was mentioned in the podcast as deemed to many as a saviour that will save us from this virus sooner than later.
  • Chelsey Meierhofer
    There are experts just as/or more qualified on the other side too....and as we’ve been being told every week in emails and announcements for almost a year, we are to not talk about our position on these polarizing, highly hot topics. But this podcast and advertising it, is completely hypocritical of what they’ve been preaching. It says to me, “If it doesn’t agree with me, then it’s biased”. Now as you can see in the comments, people with this bias are wanting to share it in their local congregations. If this is what your stance is... get off the fence, lean into it completely, and don’t tell us we as a church have to remain unbiased then. There is so much more to this world stage being set up. There are many figs on the tree that have been ripening for years, and now the leaves are out and the twigs are tender... Yes we of course, follow government rules, except when it comes to compromising Gods commands, (that we, as a church, may have to address, sooner than later). We must always WATCH, and if there is any question, especially if it may contradict Gods laws, we MUST prove all things, our due diligence and vigilance is our duty.
  • Chelsey Meierhofer
    Mr. Berendt. I am sorry for your loss. I sympathize. I am just a tiny little lowly sheep, I am no one special in the church. I respect that everyone has a different map of the world, different ways of thinking and approaching things. I am not condemning Dr.’s, as I am taught by some of the most famous ground breaking Dr.s/scientists in the world. I am merely trying to address the unbiased view we were told to hold in church. You must realize that other people have been given gifts of knowledge, brains and discernment too. My point, if you read it, was that there are different ways of looking at this, do not condemn others views, their scientists, doctors, their credentials, or research. There is more than one way in which you can frame the same house.
  • Chelsey Meierhofer
    I am in absolute disappointment with this podcast that had NO mention of God in it. I come from the other educated side of health, the Curing and Reversing disease and illnesses from its source, which aligns perfectly with the bible and Gods laws on living. Not the medical Pharma side that just treats the disease or symptoms. For repeatedly telling us not to be polarized on this situation, you sure are polarizing and mentioning masks and vaccines. There are other experts with the same degrees or more on the opposite side saying the complete opposite, ( who are being CANCELED in this Cancel Culture) and to tell us to stop proving all things and just trust in MAN... to stop listening to "misinformation", "conspiracy theories" and to just listen to the health care experts put in place. It sounds like you are making an EXTREME stance on this situation, mocking people on the other side, people with credentials or an education not funded by Pharma or Doctors/scientists who's research are proving these draconian measures wrong! And also sharing it in your emails more than once. I have to say...this was in bad taste.
  • Chelsey Meierhofer

    I just wanted to say thank you for such an excellent issue of the Beyond Today... You have really covered everything and it is evident that you and all the authors of the articles are divinely inspired. Timely and needed. I am so excited, praying and watching everything from head courters.