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  • cshude
    Kathy, thank you for the very kind comments, and I'm very glad that you have found the series to be profitable. We had an error in the live recording of segment 13 and I needed to go back and record it again. That's been done and we should have #13 up any time now. Thanks!
  • cshude
    Rani, thank you for your very kind comments! I hope your studies continue and you find more value from this study and all the other material available on our site. Thanks, Chris
  • cshude

    Excellent advice, Kevin. It's gotten so bad on my Facebook feed that I usually don't bother to look at it. This election was incredibly polarizing, and it is unlikely to get better in the next cycle. Hopefully, enough people will take advice like this and put it to use in their lives. Thanks, and keep up the good work!