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by Clint Porter

Paradigms are the lenses we use to make sense of a complex, chaotic world. Some people carefully examine and revise our paradigms, while others would rather believe they just “see the world as it is.” Paradigms dictate what we see and what we don’t see.

by Clint Porter

The Sabbath is much more than a test commandment. It’s a paradigm for understanding the entire human story. Let's follow the Biblical thread of sevens to see how it builds a mosaic portrait of the end of history as we know it: a time when God dwells among His complete, unified family.

  • by Jamie Schreiber, Clint Porter, Kayleen Schreiber

"King All Glorious," composed by G. Vail and C. Wesley, performed by members...

  • by Jamie Schreiber, Clint Porter, Kourtney Kovanis

"Let There Be Peace on Earth," written by Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller...

  • by Jamie Schreiber, Clint Porter

"All Things New," composed by Elaine Hagenberg with lyrics by Frances...

  • by Jamie Schreiber, Clint Porter, David PerMar, Scott Buchanan, Steve Myers, Jolinda Schreiber, Mark Graham, Matthew Hernandez, Chaz Leathers

Jelly and the boys stay overnight at Camp Otterwood. When Little Larry goes...

by Clint Porter

Japan’s Pacific coast is dotted with standing stones, some bearing ancient inscriptions. Their warning message continues to save readers’ lives even now. They give us a stark reminder of the need to pass on wisdom, which is best accomplished through building strong intergenerational relationships.