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  • daretta2450
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your commentary on Quitting Christmas. My brother has been getting on our family for years saying, Honor your Lord in Spirit and Truth: We choose the day of what is supposed to be one of the most sacred days of the year to LIE to our children, We LIE about how and when Christ was born, We cut down (KILL) the tree that stays green for us all year and decorate it; it is clearly mentioned in the Bible of such pagan practices, We have our children to sit on a man's lap to LIE to him about being good or bad when they are innocent, and to have him to LIE to them about coming down their chimney bringing presents, and the disillusion, un-love and poverty a child feels when he/she doesn't get what is asked of Santa no matter how good they try to be! He goes on and on to include comments about the pagan history of Christmas, Santa's name is Satan recomposed, and even, about having a dying tree in our homes which we discard in the end as nothing, and we sing, NO-EL, which means NO GOD! He can go on, but the limited space does not allow all of his revelations. Thank you again, for shedding LIGHT on this subject. MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU always!