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  • Darrell Bright
    Absolutely captivation message! I only 'thought' I understood these things but after today's message, I know how 'off course' I have been. I will listen to your message many more times and pray I understand the importance. Look forward to seeing you in church after this terrible sickness relaxes to some extent. God Be with you and family. (Darrell Bright)
  • Darrell Bright

    I am a member of UCG in Alabama. I have used Haley's Bible Handbook for some time, prior to my association as a member of UCG. However, it has 'derailed' me with answers about the Sabbath Keeping and other conflicting data. Do we (UCG) have a parallel more inline with our church doctrine? Thank You. db

  • Darrell Bright
    Thank You for the much needed sermon. Remarkable that you stated exactly what I needed to hear. "God has planted us in each others lives" Very powerful and applicable. This is a sermon that needs to be repeated into other congregations. I am very much in the beginning category of learning but strive daily to measure up...and often feel a failure to meet minimum levels of His acceptance. It helps me to be reminded that "All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God." Again Excellent Presentation by you. I am a regular viewer of the Beyond Today sermons and replay them often. They are my "lifeline on stormy seas."
  • Darrell Bright
    Outstanding Presentation! This is the first time I have actually understood the End Time details with such clarity. I am guessing that ALL of these end time events, happen within the 3.5 years vs, adding each together sequentially? (I think this was stated but I am reviewing to cover what I missed) I will be reviewing again and reading each chapter/verse to make sure I have the correct focus on this most important phase of human history. Mr. Petty is an excellent presenter and I am always amazed how he clearly explains complex data. Please tell him Thank You for me. D Bright, Madison, Alabama United Church of God. dbright48@reagan.com God Bless