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    Mr Wood. You are correct, my conclusions are based on my study of the Bible, not a lot of hot air ideas which perpetuate superstition and ignorance about God's purpose through the resurrection. The pagan derived teachings about the nature of man and shat happens at death have run their course in today's world and offer no hope. Many people, including some theologians who really do understand the original languages of the Bible, have come to the same conclusion. The dead "sleep" and await the time of the resurrection. That is the hope of dead. Darris McNeely
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    Gayle…I am very glad to hear the article helped you. And also glad to hear of the reconciliation with your son. That is encouraging. Thank you for your comment.
    Darris McNeely

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    It is a myth that UCG teaches British-Israelism. Our message and mission is as far from white supremacy as you can get. We teach as Paul did that God created from one blood every nation and He has one purpose to bless all with salvation. Do your home work before posting stuff like this.
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    Thanks for the comment. Glad it is of help. Darris McNeely
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    Thank you!
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    Thanks you Derrick! You are so right.
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    Thanks David-John for your comment. You are right, if God is for us who can be against us. Glad to hear you persevered. God be with you!
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    On balance there has never been a more benevolent imperium than America. American scientists have developed vaccines that have saved millions lives throughout the world. American genetic planet research created the Green Revolution that saved millions of lives. When earthquakes and tsunamis devastate remote Pacific lands American Naval ships are first on the scene to offer humanitarian aid. Twice in the twentieth century America troops entered Europe to turn back tyrannies that sought to enslave and deny basic human freedoms. After World War II American aid rebuilt Europe into a bulwark against Soviet expansion. In Japan America imposed changes that have helped create an ally and kept the peace in that region. I could go on.

    History also records the warts of the English speaking nations–and there plenty of them from the past and the present. But when the summing up of history comes it will be found to have been the most productive combine of power to have been wielded in the history of the world. The world will lament the day these twin nations no longer hold the same influence in the world they do today.