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    Jesus was born during warm weather and this is documented in the bible and Koran. 25th December had nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus himself was a Jew and followed the teachings of Moses, his message was clear. 1) I am only for the children of Israel, 2) Follow the laws. John the baptist who never did meet Jesus spread the message Jesus is for everyone and you don't have to follow the laws. Christianity is more based on Pagan beliefs. The cross was first used in ancient Egypt long before the birth of Jesus, the cross was known as a symbol of life, over the years after the death of Jesus this was introduced into Christanity. Christmas actually has nothing to do with Jesus or even Christanity, Father Christmas originated from a priest St Nicholas who lived in early Turkey. Pagans celebrated after 22nd December as in the North these were the darkest days and the celebration was for the return of the sun. Christanity is the brain child of Constantine who adapted this to his needs, the message of John the baptist was incorrect as Jesus himself was a Jew. The Koran and teachings of Islam are the exact now as taught by the final message of god.