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  • David Martin
    Hello Tom, Want to offer a belated thank you for your message on the throne of David. I borrowed some of your points for yesterday’s sermonette. Given QE2’s recent death, the topic seemed timely. I was surprised at how many attending said they were unaware of the connection beteen the Brit’s Royal family & king David.
  • David Martin
    God selected the humans through whom he would preserve His inspired writings for our admonition. It was clear and concise, well documented in scripture. I confirmed, like the Bereans did ny going to the bible.
  • David Martin
    Mr de Compos, I very much appreciate the thorough presentation on the NT canonization. Many years since I reviewed this.
  • David Martin

    Not sure how registration is updated. Please advise.

  • David Martin
    Mr. E., I learned a great deal from your sermon. Particularly with regard to our personal behavior in this society. Similarly, with some recently posted sermons on Christmas. I have been trying to make my response to questions about my Christmas shopping and such more honest and direct. Thanks! Dave Martin
  • David Martin

    "Keys to a Happy Marriage" article recommended clicking the "wedding ceremony" link to review marriage ceremony scriptures. The link goes to ..."Blessed are those who mourn". I think something is wrong on this link.