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by David Metzel

Why does God want us to keep this Feast of Pentecost? Why is the Feast of First Fruits so important? Why do we need God's Spirit and how do we know if we have God's Spirit?

by David Metzel

We need to look towards The Father and Jesus as a positive example to help us become and remain a holy person. God called Israel to be holy and expects us to be holy too. God loves us and just like Israel was brought out of Egypt and the sins there, God also wants us to come out of sin.

by David Metzel

As we approach the national day of Thanksgiving, let's consider when, how, and why we should remember God's blessings.

by David Metzel

Culture will be a part of God's coming Kingdom. While God's culture will be established throughout the earth in the future, as God's people we can live the culture of God now as we live by the word of God.