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  • Looking4truth
    Very good information! You explained it in a very easy to understand manner. Thank you!
  • Looking4truth

    This is very good coverage on the raising of Lazarus. There is, no doubt, no greater love than the love God has for us. But considering how much the chapter kept referring to “belief”, I feel the reason Jesus wept was solely because of their unbelief.

  • Looking4truth
    Mr. Sanny, I listened to your sermon carefully as you were giving your arguments on how you disagreed with another organization, so I guess it is acceptable if I give you mine. Considering my words are limited I will only be able to cover one topic in this post. In John 8:58,59, you are claiming that because Jesus said, "I am", that he was comparing himself with God. When God told Moses that his name was "I am", did you notice Moses never called Him simply "I am" to the children of Israel? By saying "I am", He was saying that He is everything that He says He is. I am the LORD - I am the LORD that healeth thee - I am the LORD your God - I am the Lord that brought you out of the land of Egypt - I am gracious - I am Holy. Each time He used the phrase "I am", He was drawing out an aspect of his personality that was beneficial for that particular circumstance. Jesus was not going to be stoned for saying "I am". They were already seeking to kill him in verse 40. He was saying, I am the door of the sheep - I am come that they might have life - I am the Good Shepherd - I am the son of God - I am the resurrection. Etc. This is what God has taught me. Peace to you.
  • Looking4truth
    I hope it's okay that I share this. I wrote it when going through a very hard storm in my life. ~ LORD give me faith that I might see Even though there's storms ahead Help me to put my trust in Thee For through this storm I must be led I feel so lost and all alone Through troubled winds I toss and sway If I could only see a light Then I could make it one more day The winds are strong and raging mad As though some evil lurks within My soul longs for this storm to calm So I can be at peace again I cried LORD...what have I done? Why have You turned your face from me? Then as I spoke...just as it came The storm moved on away from me A still small voice then spoke my name My child...the timing was not right Each fierce wave upon the sea Made you search harder for the light The whole time My hand was on you But I just couldn't let you know If I had given you a sign How would this help your faith to grow? Now I know your limitations Know all things you can endure And each time that you are tested I will be right there for sure I am molding you so gently For a part in My great plan Never doubt how much I love you Just take a look at my Son's hands ~Me
  • Looking4truth

    Searching for an answer
    One that would seem clear
    One that would bring some relief
    Eradicate the pain and grief
    Deliver me…if only brief
    There isn’t one I fear

    I’m going through a tunnel
    And there is no end in sight
    It’s cold here as I go along
    No sign of life…no sign of song
    In all the world I find the wrong
    A hopeless…endless plight

    What is the use of going on
    I do not care you see
    Life doesn’t bring me any joy
    I feel just like a broken toy
    I’m one that no one could enjoy
    Oh death…please set me free

    But then a hand from nowhere came
    And grabbed a hold of mine
    The sweetest voice I ever heard
    Spoke to this mind so lost and blurred
    And down inside this dead heart stirred
    And oh it felt so fine

    My gloominess has fled away
    The light is piercing through
    The scales are gone now I can see
    The bondage that imprisoned me
    Has been rebuked and now I’m free
    My grey skies have turned blue
    LORD… I owe it all to YOU

    Job 3:20-22