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  • Deborah K
    Mr. Myers This study is so relevant to me now as I am helping to mediate my family through a difficult trial. God knows what we need and when we need it. So timely. Thank you Debbie
  • Deborah K

    Hello Mr. Petty
    I was searching the UCG Bible Study Tools section of this site and found your article from 2013 on forgiveness. I am in a situation with a family member where there has been many hurtful offenses made against me and my family over the years. Your guidance has helped me to approach forgiveness in a new light expressed though a merciful heart.
    Planning to do good in this situation. Going to have a picnic and invite the person to experience peace through unconditional love and mercy with open forgiving arms.

  • Deborah K
    Good morning! Taking your advise to read the bible through in a year. I have read about 80% percent but not straight through. I have a very old copy of the Reese/Klassen Chronological Bible and was wondering if you could tell me if this would be an accurate source for this study. If not what translation would you suggest? Blessings! Debbie
  • Deborah K
    Hello Mr. McNeely I have always, even from my youth, had a problem retaining information if it is not broken down in small portions. So I was super excited to hear your recommendation to use the Naves Topical Bible for guidance in study. Hadn't heard of it until today on BT Daily. Yep, now I know what to "hint around" about for a Mother's Day gift this year! Thanks again! Debbie
  • Deborah K
    Thank you Mr. McNeely! I will remember to ask for understanding every time before a bible study. Not taking God for granted...but just didn't think to ask every time. Got it!!! Thank you for this series on how to better study the bible. I always learning a lot in a little :) with the BT Daily posts to my email. Debbie Debbie
  • Deborah K
    Hi Dollie, I am approaching an important conversation that I will be having with my son and daughter soon and have been gleaning from the biblical examples Mr. Myers gave in this BT Daily to pray for wisdom and also that God gives me just the right words to speak. I'll pray for you that God gives (or already has given) you all the answers for the decisions you are needing to make Dollie. Please pray for me too. God bless your day! Debbie
  • Deborah K
    Mr. Myers, Once again I have learned something more about not making excuses and getting out of my "cozy" comfort zone...(and a new word:) Setting a few new goals today for this spiritual new year. I have not been taking good care of my health and have gained a lot of weight this winter. God has used your words of advise to inspire and motivate me. Thank you, Debbie