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  • d.bestphotographer
    I really enjoyed Dan's sermon on Peacemakers, very revelant to today and all time ,especially today. I was just watching a religious program this morning which covered Canadas new teaching program telling all children they should choose their sex depending on how they Feel. Also the childrens feelings were place ABOVE the Parents feelings and teachings. It appears Satan is using this around the world to try and destroy God's beatuiful creation as it was menat to be for true peace and happiness. The good point brought up in this dark subject was that Maybe Now the true church will rise up and be motivated. I have HOPE this will be true, but I know God is in control, and His ways are not know to us. I wish this church had more churches but I study your material and listen on line. It looks like you mention 2 church meeting in the whole state of Georgia which is the largest state east of the Mississippi, not very encouraging indeed, as people need to belong to a Christian community close to home. May God continue to bless you.
  • d.bestphotographer
    You are absolutely correct. I believe the secret rapture was invented or adopted by the Baptist. Tim LeHaye in his multi million dollar best selling series just promoted this fantasy Hollywood style. No one wants to go through rought times. The Lord never said He would keep you from bad times but would be with you through them. I believe it is one of Satans great deceptions using half truths to fool even the elect. Less than one quarter of the US now know what is in the Bible no less read and believe it, so deception is quite easy . I don't feel it makes any difference on salvation this point, just that if you are fooled it would be easier for you to lose your faith when the tribulation does arrive. Even Amir Tsfarti the Messianic evangilist has bought into this lie, but he is a good man, and still brings people to the Lord. So lets concentrate on the thigs that bring us together as Christians rather than those things which divide us as long as it does not negate your salvation. Keep up the great work. Pray for the U.S. the Government, and God's church around the world, He is watching over it. Yes we will destroy ourselves, the earth will burn upin Nuclear war which is coming.