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  • dmdk66

    The author makes an analogy that is loosely based and does not properly support his argument. He speaks of the $100 bill and that one has to do more than just believe he will receive it. He has to also send in a self-addressed envelope, according to the stipulations, to receive the free gift and then he will receive it in the mail. So what is the problems with this analogy? He is adding steps to receiving eternal life. He says that just by believing that isn't enough. While true in his analogy, it isn't true with our eternal future. Jesus makes no such stipulations. The whole point that Jesus makes is that this gift is by belief, not by additional stipulations. The author's illustration is about a material, physical world involving mailings, envelopes, stamps, etc. Jesus' gift is a supernatural one that doesn't require physical impediments. Using the author's analogy, does Jesus really need additional help in getting you this free gift? This just shows when you have a particular denominational mindset, you have to use analogies that are awkward to make your point.