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  • DrA77a

    I need to edit my post! I stated "60, 000 Americans infected". It's actually 60 MILLION Americans were infected by the Swine flu in 2009.

    So currently Saturday March 21, 2020, we aren't even close to that figure.

    1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your cares on Me and I will care for you."

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    Even I as a Chiropractor and don't even believe in the germ theory am a bit discombobulated :o) God is my base of course (1 Peter 5:7) however looking at statistics in the past helps a lot. Here's some from the Swine Flu pandemic in 2009.

    60, 000 Americans infected, 300,000 hospitalized. 12,000 died. I garnered this info from various places online so can't give the exact reference.

    But now, with the teaching from Mr. McNeely and these numbers....hopefully, you should feel better.

    And I can't leave without giving some unsolicited advice:
    Take care of your health or do the things needed to improve your health (you know who you are :o)) "it's the terrain, not the germ".

  • DrA77a
    This is such an edifying teaching. I like to imagine that my experiences...especially the tough ones will make me a more compassionate person and able to help those going through the same things. It's wonderful to imagine the time during the Millennium that I will put those tough lessons to use. And Jesus will be my boss. Wow, just wow. Thank you for this teaching.
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    Hi Skip! Thank you for your reply. I'm glad I can pass them on, good point about controlling others. Your comment about the SA....I will have to do some research. We have a Goodwill too so will check them out.

    Thanks for the invite but I am clear across the country from you MA. Will be closer when I move to MN but still a long ways away!!

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    Great article. Thank you!

    Now here is a question: I am packing up 40 years of stuff to move across country to be closer to my son/family. Since finding the truth here on UCG I have let go of many things related to the worldly holidays.

    However, I debate what to do with them henceforth. I've been giving them to the Salvation Army. But doesn't that further the unbelief for those who will buy them? Should I be putting them in the trash?

    Needless to say, but I'll say it anyhow....some of these items are very nice...collector dolls, handmade chimney stockings, etc.

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    You said that you read 3 newspapers daily. What are the other two?

    And thank you for this article.

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    I recently learned about RSF: resting smile face. An online search engine will fill you on what it is. I don't have it. My resting face is....somewhat of a frown. So, I have been asking God to change that so I can reflect His spirit. It's taking some work but definitely worth the effort.

    Thank you for this teaching!

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    Growing up, Easter was always my favorite holiday. I was raised catholic with 5 siblings in a lovely functional family. My Mother would make six easter baskets....individually for each of us. We'd get up on easter Sunday and they would be lined up in front of the fireplace, wrapped in cellophane. Each had candy of course with a special gift. I can close my eyes and still see that picture.
    I would have a new dress, shoes and (shock) easter bonnet! I was always eager to go to church with my new outfit! And to this day I thank my parents for giving me a faith in God and Jesus. A foundation off which I've lived my life.
    The joy of easter followed me into adult life. I said fairwell to it a few years ago when I learned the truth. But the memories linger....

    Thank you for this teaching that keeps me on the right path.

  • DrA77a
    I truly appreciate your 3 to 4 minute teachings. They really hit the spot. Thank you!!!
  • DrA77a
    Thank you for this most insightful teaching. The struggle is real in this fallen world and body. However with God’s Spirit through Jesus it becomes an adventure. Your teaching really spotlights that fact. Thanks again.
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    I would like to see you address self-forgiveness. Christians will say they accept God's forgiveness but they can't forgive themselves. I see that as not really believing in God and His Son and what they did for us. However most will continue to wallow in not being able to forgive themselves. I've never been able to explain it clear enough. Or is that His Spirit's job on their hearts?

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    So it's true. You will know them by their fruits. But what about people who live virtuous lives and have been taught about Jesus but will say something like "well, I just don't understand all that" and dismiss it. Not wanting to hear anymore. They are not rejecting Jesus directly and His teachings. Or are they? They just say they're not interested in it. Are they in the second or third resurrection?
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    Just need to give a heads up to folks about the anxiety medications that are being prescribed to our young people. They are considered harmless but some carry a serious side effect called suicidal ideation. Be sure to check this out and keep a close eye on anyone you know that may be taking one of these medications. Body chemistry will determine the ones who develop this particular side effect. So don't think that just because so and so is taking it without any problem someone else will react differently. In some areas of the country they are being prescribed like candy. So beware!!!
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    OH I like that. I'm going to be using that a lot.

    I too like taking worldy sayings, etc and finding God's Word for it. I've never cared for the phrase "it is what it is". It denotes such resignation or acceptance which is fine but it ends there when people use it. So I asked the Lord...."what is YOUR desire?" And I finally received His answer: "it's _My_ will".

    And as you know, that opens up all kinds of ideas and opportunities in whatever the situation is when a person says "it is what it is". No, it's _God's_ will. Yes. Engage!!!

  • DrA77a

    Great article. Thank you. Would you know of any books on the Lord's prayer? I'd love to read and study Jesus' words further on this subject, according to the teachings of the UCG of course.