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  • ewinb
    This is an excellent, well structured and timely sermon. I would comment that in the beginning, the statement about mask studies detracted from the otherwise sound advice. We must be wise consumers of information and facts. Part of that wisdom is knowing that facts can be presented mainly to advance a broader lie. Satan displayed his skill in this when he told Eve a lie in the form of the famous question in Genesis 3:1. However, using the topic of masks in the introduction, and saying that we can find studies either way, implies that the truth about their efficacy is not that important. But the weight of the full sermon is to inform us that this topic must be approached like all other topics. Where do the voices on this topic seek to take us? To move us more towards truth or more towards an ideologically motivated policy goal? The Spirit of the World beckons us by appealing to our fears and our emotions to obey, submit and conform.
  • ewinb
    The socialist's economic system is that we each must live at the expense of everyone else. This can never be "sustainable", a concept that socialists in love to scold us about. But socialism is far more than just an economic system. It is a means to an end: that humanity must transcend human nature and establish the long-awaited Utopia without God and especially without a savior. This idolatrous lie cost 100 million lives in the last century alone.