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    Hello Tim! Nice to see your name on the screen. I remember some of our discussion while touring Israel and appreciate your engagement with the Bible and everyday life. Trust business and life is going well. All the Best, Frank
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    Hello Faith, the challenge we face in living in Digital Babylon is ever present. I am thankful for the research from the Barna Group that allows us to talk about these influences with clarity. May God bless you in your walk with our loving Father and elder brother Jesus.
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    Hello Shaun, It is interesting how the First Century writers connected the ancient Israel Festival observances. The continually quotations of the Law , Writings and Prophets throughout the New Testament is their effort to connect the religious teachings they were taught with what they saw Jesus Christ live out and fulfill. Your comment about the use of Latin verses Hebrew names will be a good topic for discussion after church or a bible study. Thanks for sharing.
  • frankfishca

    We have explored US Rivers. There are a few challenges with size of vessels and meeting space. The largest hurdle is the relatively high price. We will keep it in mind. Thanks for asking, Frank Fish, TG - assisting Charles Melear on special projects.