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by Gary Petty

God picks objects and people out of this world and makes them holy. We, as people, are to take on the attributes and traits of God. The message covers the concepts of worship and praise as they relate to sanctification.

  • by Gary Petty

Self-proclaimed prophets regularly promote their latest predictions about...

by Gary Petty

This sermon is the second installment in a series on sanctification. God is above everything in might, power, genius, wisdom. He is separate. Throughout the Bible, God takes ordinary things and declares them to be holy.

by Gary Petty

This sermon begins a series on the topic of sanctification or holiness. Only God can make something holy as He Himself is holy. In Isaiah 6, God is called "holy, holy, holy". The repetition of the word in Hebrew was to show the importance of this attribute of God.

by Gary Petty

Spiritual burnout is something we all can experience in our lives. Elijah went through it in his own life and God helped him through it. This message describes the symptoms of spiritual burnout and how we can overcome it.