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    Good day, My understanding is that those who would go up to the Passover in Jerusalem would find a location to stay in the area of Jerusalem in order to eat the Passover meal. Note before the Passover meal that Christ was staying at a home in Bethany about 2 miles from the city. He only went back into the city to take the Passover. He went into town at His last Passover because his time was almost up. Realistically you could not have had all Jews throughout the world in Jerusalem for the Passover and the days of unleavened bread. This requirement would apply to those living in Judea and its territory I would think. Jews lived all over known world at the time and they would most likely have kept the Passover at home. Not every Jew went up to the temple for the Holy Days each year. In regard to the families at Feast time, where were they when Jesus was carrying out His purpose at other times? Jesus was involved in teaching and training the disciples and at the last Passover He established the symbols of the New Testament Passover which were to passed along to the Church. I hope this response is helpful. Gary Smith