Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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  • jlesliebooth
    Thank you, annie.ross for your kind words. I'm pleased you found the sermonette helpful. Best -les
  • jlesliebooth
    Mr. Martin ... were there technical problems experienced with the recording of this sermon? The recording ended quite abruptly at 34:51? Leaving a large gap in what would be assumed as a conclusion to the sermon delivery. I do hope there is more - though what is given here is a 'more than sufficient' encouragement to get FAR closer to God than we currently are - to this sermon. IF there were problems with the recording, I certainly hope you are going to give it again to get a full recording of the message. Again, thank you for the wake-up!
  • jlesliebooth

    Fine observation Victor. Your intuition on relationships, has been quite sharp over the years. And if one thing becomes clearer as the years go by: relationships matter. As one popular poster reminds us, "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied many." We really shouldn't regret the aging process. Because it's only in the 'older ages' when we can truly value, relationships. Oh, we may appreciate relationships when we are younger. But age builds an indelible understanding of the value. Thank you for the inspiring reminder.