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  • jcnewell49
    Nicely done. The comment about , religious self deception, was thought provoking. I will have to give this comment some time to settle in my mind and will study it further.
  • jcnewell49
    I had the privilege to meet Mr. Diemer and his wife in Florida. We did discuss his daughter and the conversation was about the future resurrection when his daughter would be given life again and how he would be there to help her and to love her in a deeper way. Our discussion was about living for that future event and to be there when that time comes. This is something all of God's people should realize that we live this life first for God and secondly for those we love and have lost through death and tragic events. To live and ensure that we will find our place in God's Kingdom and to be there for our love ones. Yes, there is sacrifice on our part in this life but the great reward will be in the future resurrection when we will be there for our loved ones. I hope to meet you again Mr. Diemer and share our thoughts.